1. Arrive by 11:10 AM and sign in as a visitor in the main office. Your destination is the school store. If  you are the first to arrive, pick up the keys from Mrs. Craley. If you are the second or third volunteer,  go directly to the store. 
2. Unlock and open both doors, placing doorstops to keep them open. Unlock the storage room and bring  the cash box and debit card boxes to the front table. 
3. Count all money in the cashbox and record it on the Cash Log in the School Store Binder prior to any  sales. Please do not make change for students unless they are purchasing school store items so we do  not run out of change. 
4. Gym uniforms, directories, magnets and spirit wear are sold in the school store, but the money collected  must be kept separate from the school store sales in the cash register.  Please use the money pouches  provided. 
5. Debit cards should be used only for school store purchases. This does NOT include Gym  uniforms, directories, magnets or spirit wear.  Checks for gym uniforms should be made payable to T/E School District.
6. Pricing for all products is either on the shelf or on the price sheet.   
7. Please keep an eye on all students as they shop. If the store becomes too crowded, limit the number of  students in at one time to no more than 10. Occasionally kids will attempt to shoplift. Please notify Mr.  Phillips immediately (he will be in the cafeteria) if you catch anyone taking anything from the store.  There is no food allowed in the school store; ask the students to leave their food at the door. 
8. If you’re bored or have an extra minute….  a. There are Clorox wipes and paper towels in the storage closet­ feel free to wipe down the  shelves and tables.  The janitors only clean the floors.  b. Tidy up the shelves!  (The gym uniforms get especially disorganized.)  c. Anything else that you feel needs to be organized or fixed...you don’t need my permission :) 
9. Please check the stock on the shelves. If any item has less than 10 left, please email me at  temsstore@gmail.com. Be as specific as possible when describing the item.   
10. At the end of the day, count and record all money in the cash box on the Cash Log. Return cash box and  debit card boxes to storage.  
11. Lunches are over by 1:00 PM. Please close at that time. When leaving, please be sure that all lights are  turned off and the doors are properly locked. Please be sure that the doorstops are back inside the store.  Return the keys to Mrs. Craley on your way out of the building. 

As this is my first year running the school store, I welcome any suggestions or ideas you have on how to  improve things.

 Thanks for volunteering!    

Darcy McGroarty  temsstore@gmail.com 

TEMS 2015-2016

School Store Procedures