The mission of the TEMS PTO has always been to enhance the TEMS students' experience by providing a b​road range of school programs and activities and gifts of technology, resources and supplies beyond what our school district is able to provide. To fulfill our mission, we count on the generosity of our T/E parents and guardians. contributions to the PTO funds happen though the School Store/ SpiritWear purchases, Amazon Affiliate Program, our TEMS Parent Trivia Night and direct donations through our I'm a Bulldog! Campaign. These contributions allow the PTO to provide such gifts to the students and teachers:

  • Academics and Technology- A new laptop cart for 2014-2015 which provides 30 laptops which can be used by each students to enhance their educational experience

  • Cultural Arts Shows/ Programs/ Events- to further enhance the curriculum in every grade

  • Teacher Grants- Allowing teachers to purchase items they need to further enrich the education of our children (for example, past items provided have been iPads, maps, heating system for trout, solar and wind-powered turbine kits, litter recess pick-up equipment, wrestling mats and Art Club materials)

  • ​Hospitality- Providing many snacks, treats,  breakfasts to our TEMS teachers and parents throughout the school year.

  • 8th Grade Graduation- Making a special day extra special for the students, parents and teachers

  • PTO Email Blasts and Website- Keeping our community informed of all what is happening

​Direct donations are accepted all year round. We are limited in the funds we can make through PTO events so we do encourage parents to consider direct donations to our I'm a Bulldog! Campaign.

TEMS PTO Fundraising Programs