PTO Financial Procedures

Expense Reimbursement

​    Please Note: The Check Request Form and Expense Reimbursement Form are actually the same form used for         different purposes.

  • All requests for reimbursement must be approved by the Committee Chairperson before submission to the Treasurer.
  • Any expense over budget amount needs to be approved by the PTO Board.
  • All requests for reimbursement shoyuld be madewithing 2 weeks after the event.
  • Any check in excess of $500 must be signed by 2 PTO authorized Board Members

Cash Box

  • Request for a cash box must be made by email to the Treasurer (a week prior to the event if possible). Please specify the total amount required and in what bill/coin specification
  • Both the Treasurer and event Chairperson should sign the Funds Receive Form when the cash box is exchanged.
  • Cash boxes should be maintained in the school safe when not in use or overnight. Lea Craley in the Main Office will assist in sorting/ retrieving these. Ideally, cash boxes should not leave school property.
  • All funds collected should be detailed in the Event Reconciliation Form. This includes listing of all checks in an Excel spreadsheet.
  • Reconciled funds and the completed Event Reconciliation Form should be placed in the school safe in the Main Office.
  • Assistant Treasurer will verify cash and check totals to the Event Reconciliation Form prior to depositing in the bank.

School Store

  • Cash box is counted in the beginning and end of each shift, recording both beginning and ending balances in the daily log.
  • Any difference in the count,should be communicated  to the Treasurer or Assistant Treasurer.
  • Assistant Treasurer will sweep the cash box at least twice a month and deposit all cash in excess of $100 and all checks.
  • Sales of TESD owned gym uniforms are conducted through the store but cash/check receipts are maintained in a separate envelope. This envelope will be cleared by the Assistant treasurer and given to Lea Craley in the Main Office on behalf of TESD.
  • PTO President, Executive Vice President or Treasurer must approve any inventory purchase in excess of $250.
  • Purchase order details should be forwarded to the Treasurer to be matched against final invoice. That form should be signed by a Committee Chair.

​​Please contact our PTO Treasurer, Lisa Munroe, at ldmunroe@gmail.com if you have any questions.